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PET IEEE-488 Extension

There are two reasons, why I have designed the PET IEEE-488 extension:
  1. The IEEE-488 cables with the edge connector are about as expensive as the peripherals (in 2021).
  2. The SD2PET future does not allow to connect other peripherals.

IEEE-488 extender with two IEEE-488 ribbon cables

There are IDC connectors, that are usually called
"24 pin male centronics", that do fit the IEEE-488 of the peripherals (such as printers or disk drives).

The ribbon cable connectors, that fir the IEEE-488 peripherals

IEEE-488 extender with the SD2PET disk drive emulator

The project is tested ok, but not yet documented. It will be released on
github as open hardware.

Test with the C64 IEEE-488 interface (

The IEEE-488 interface for the C64, that is shown above, is the best open source IEEE-488 interface, that I know. The original Commodore IEEE interface deactivates the IEC bus, so no further peripherals can be connected.