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I am an engineer and I have worked in electronic hardware development since 1994. Before that, I have written professional software since 1980. First for Commodore computers, later for MS DOS.

My first own computer was a Commodore VIC-20 and in 1983, I have bought my first C64.

After watching some repair videos of old retro-computers on YT (mainly Jan Beta), I have tried to switch on my good old C64 in 2018 - after being powered off for about 28 years. I could not believe my eyes, it worked and I was probably as fascinated as I was, when switching it on for the first time. Soon, the C64 setup became kind of a fix installation in my lab.

My interest in the Commodore retro-computers is, besides collecting and repairing them, to develop some new hardware gadgets for them. Those projects are strictly non-profit, open hardware and are/will be published in my
github repositories for everybody to build.

My goal is to provide some well tested and easy to build projects. I try to document and test them well, before I publish them.

You can meet me on Twitter and follow my projects while they happen:

I am also active in the FB group "Commodore 64/128".