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PET/CBM RESET and DIAG Button Holder
Like most Commodore computers, the PET lacks of a RESET button. The required signal can be found on J9. It might not be the best choice to drill a hole into the case of our beloved PETs, so a button holder, which can be attached to the case without drilling might be a nice thing to have.

I have constructed such a holder for a pretty wide spread button, which can be printed with a 3D printer, that attaches to the side of the bottom case of a PET. I love to have it and I don't want to ever miss it again.

The button with cable and the RESET button holder

The RESET button attached to the side of a PET

A combination of RESET and DIAG button at the side of a CBM8032

Locating the RESET and DIAG on J9 and J4

Please find the STL files and a short description on