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A Character Set For My Father
This is an old project. Actually a very old project. And it is actually a bit emotional for me.

My father had a Commodore SX-64 (the portable version of the C64, with a small built in monitor), which he used for explaining assessment procedures for real estate on seminars. I had written him all the software and I have even built him a box, that was spillting the video output for several TVs. The problem was, that the picture that was displayed on the SX-64 monitor was so little, that I could not read it properly anymore. I can understand that so well, now, that I am older than he was back in the early 1980s. The problem were the numbers. He could not reall distinguish between 0 and 8 and 6 and 9 were a problem, too.

Because I (already) had an EPROM programmer back then, I have modified the numbers of the original character set for him.

Original character set ( top) compared to my customized character set (bottom)

This character set is installed in the C64, which I have bought back in 1983. So, when I switched it on for the first time and I have seen this character set, it has deeply touched me. My father passed away a couple of years ago and I felt connected to him.

Some months ago, I have even found the binaries for programming it on an old disk, so I habe made an *.bin file and here it is:

Originally, it was programmed on a TMS2532 EPROM, which is pin compatible to the original 2332 ROM in the C64.

I don't have any new TMS2532 and I am not even sure, that my TL866+ can program it, but... yeah... there is a project for an adaptor that fits the still available 27C64 ot 27C512 on a socket for the character ROM :-).

Please find it on

Character Set EPROM Adaptor

My original C64 (from 1983, a silver label!)

The original character set is still in there. The tape is lasting since 1984 or so.