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C64 and VIC-20 Cartridge Stands
In 2019, I designed out of boredome and the desire of designing "something with angled construction planes" the C64 cartridge stand. I never thought, it would become any kind of success, since the prints take quite long, but I see this being printed, sold etc. ever since, which is fun for me.

I designed it with Fusion 360 and made use of the fx parameter table, which was paying off very soon. I could derive other designs by almost only changing the parameters in the table.

C64 cartridge stand in Fusion 360

VIC-20 cartridge stand in Fusion 360

fx Parameter list C64 cartridge stand

fx Parameter list VIC-20 cartridge stand

There are only two changes in the parameterlist (slot_width and slot_depth) that had to be modified to derive the VIC-20 cartridge stand from the original design.

C64 cartridge stand

VIC-20 cartridge stand

Further on, there is a version of the C64 cartridge stand, which is leaning more backwards (a 45° angle), so the labels of the cartridges are fully visible.

The project data can be found on thingiverse:
● C64 cartridge stands:
● VIC-20 cartridge stand: