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C64 Kernal Adapter - Long Board
The Kernal Adapter for the long board (all ASSY numbers except 250469) can hold up to 8 kernal ROMs. They can be selected via the jumpers or the kernal switcher.

The adapter also works for
● The BASIC ROM in all C64 version
● The BASIC ROM in the VIC-20
● The Kernal ROM in the VIC-20
● The Kernal ROM in the 1541 floppy disk drive (not the -II version)
● Kernal ROM in the SX-64 (leaving pin 1, 2 and 27, 28 free)

The Kernal adapter is providing 5V on one pin of the jumper. The purpose of this is powering a controller (like an Arduino) , that selects the kernals.


Rev. 2 provides an optional pin header (J1) with A5 and A8 for stereo SIDF applications.


Please find the project documentation and rescources on github: